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Your contribution to WHALE creates a flourishing city that can take pride in its heritage and have hope for its future.

Be a part of the extraordinary effort to save New Bedford’s historic buildings and give them renewed purpose. Together, we will:

  • develop affordable housing and stabilize neighborhoods
  • generate economic growth and create jobs
  • enliven New Bedford’s growing arts and culture scene
  • honor the city’s rich architectural and multi-cultural heritage

WHALE supporters are kept up to date with regular communications and are invited to lectures, tours, and festive parties – large and small.

‘The inspiring thing is that through WHALE’’s work they’re not just restoring structures of all kinds but restoring spirit to the city, as well. Supporting WHALE is my way of connecting to my growing up years in and around the city and to the legacy of my parents and grandparents and to the visionary, Sarah Delano.”

Demarest Lloyd McDonald, So. Dartmouth


Become a Partner in Preservation

Our most generous members, WHALE’s Partners in Preservation believe in the transformative impact historic preservation has on the city today and for generations to come. Meet the WHALE Partners in Preservation.

Donors of $1,000 or more receive a 50% MA Tax Credit, reducing your out-of-pocket donation by half. Out-of-State donors receive a 50% cash rebate.