Wills and Bequests

A legacy gift to WHALE is a gift to the future generations of New Bedford. Historic restoration is more than preserving buildings.  It makes neighborhoods safer and stronger, brings economic gains to the community, expands access to the arts, and creates a city that takes pride in its heritage and has hope for its future.

Consider a Bequest if:

  • You want to ensure a strong future for New Bedford by supporting the preservation of the city’s architectural and cultural heritage.
  • You are seeking to reduce your estate tax through gifts from your estate which may be exempt from federal estate taxes. Your tax adviser can define tax deductions available to your estate.
  • You want to continue to retain control and use of your assets during your lifetime.

Make an Unrestricted Bequest
Give the leadership of WHALE the flexibility to apply your generous gift to the area(s) of greatest need. 

Make a Restricted Bequest
Make a bequest for a specific use that is important to you. The options for using historic buildings in new ways that benefit the community changes over time, so please consider the intention behind your restriction and make your gift to a broader category of historic preservation that will:

  • Stabilize Neighborhoods – brings activity and pride to neighborhoods impeded by derelict buildings.
  • Provide Housing – gives first time homebuyers and low-to-moderate income residents the chance to own or rent a beautiful, restored home for their families.
  • Create Venues for Art and Culture – space for visual or performing artists to showcase their work or for heritage organizations to bring cultural experiences to the community and visitors.
  • Preserve Architectural Heritage – save once beautiful buildings that exemplify a certain era and way of life.

Endowed Bequest

  • Your gift is invested along with other endowment assets to ensure that will continue to benefit WHALE and the City of New Bedford long into the future.  We will distribute these funds in accordance with our Investment Policy.   An endowed bequest can be restricted or unrestricted.  Learn more about by calling 508-997-1776 or email info@waterfrontleague.org.

Is Your Will Up to Date?
Even the best will can become obsolete over time. Protect the people closest to you and the assets you’ve worked to accumulate by reviewing the many life events that can influence your will and other arrangements:

  • moving your residence to another state
  • changes in the value of your assets
  • a change in marital status
  • birth of a grandchild
  • new tax laws
  • changes in your charitable goals

If you need to update your will, there is no substitute for using a qualified attorney with estate planning experience in your state.