Become a Business Sponsor

Sponsoring WHALE’s historic restoration projects is an investment in a stronger local economy.  

WHALE is a highly respected, longstanding steward of New Bedford’s historic and cultural heritage, and Corporate Sponsorship is an opportunity to align your corporate values and priorities with WHALE’s mission and commitment to a more prosperous community.  

Become a Business Sponsor

Become a Corporate Partner in Preservation

WHALE’s Partners in Preservation believe in the transformative impact historic preservation has on the city today and for generations to come.  As a Corporate Partner in Preservation, your business will be associated with restoration projects that:

  • stabilize neighborhoods and create affordable housing,
  • foster economic growth and workforce opportunities,
  • create a more vibrant, growing arts and culture community.

Partners in Preservation are recognized on our website, donor/member communications and receive invitations to ribbon cuttings, soirees, and other donor events. 

Sponsors of $1,000 or more receive a 50% MA Tax Credit, reducing your out-of-pocket donation by half. Out-of-State donors receive a 50% cash rebate.

Learn How to Receive Your Tax Credit or Rebate
Meet the WHALE Partners in Preservation

Benefits for Your Business
Join today and receive a significant tax advantage.  Each year, the state provides WHALE with a finite number of Massachusetts tax credits for our contributors to use to offset their state tax liability.  Half of your Partner in Preservation contribution (or $1,000 or more) will be returned to you as a state tax credit. So far this year, 70% of our 2022 tax credit allotment is spoken for and 30% remain available for new contributions. Please don’t miss this opportunity.  

In addition to a 50% state tax credit, your business will be recognized for its corporate citizenship in our member/donor communications, on our website and at WHALE events throughout the year where you’ll receive invitations to ribbon cuttings, soirees, and other donor events.