Historic Colors

Choosing the appropriate colors for your historic home or building can often be a daunting task. The relationship between architectural style and paint color can be confusing. Understanding the style of your house, the paint colors and technology available during different historical periods, and how colors influence each other are helpful steps in choosing colors that are appropriate for the architectural style of your house and that work well together. WHALE offers technical expertise and advice on a Fee-for-service basis. The best method to choose historically accurate paint colors for your property is to perform a paint analysis of your building, which will give you definitive evidence of the color pallette found on your building.

There are several common methods for choosing colors for your historic property:

  1. Determine Original colors (what was on it when it was built) based on the construction date and style of your building
  2. Consider colors that were appropriate to the period the house was built
  3. Colors it might have been during another historic period – for example when an addition or restoration took place.


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