Our Mission

The mission of WHALE (Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE)
is to foster historic preservation and continued use of the city’s architectural heritage to enhance community and economic vitality in New Bedford.

WHALE accomplishes its mission through:
Bricks and mortar historic preservation projects
Advocacy, and

WHALE preserves New Bedford’s historic architecture and adapts buildings to new uses that will:

  • stabilize neighborhoods and develop affordable housing
  • foster economic growth and create workforce opportunities
  • expand New Bedford’s growing arts and culture sector
  • preserve the city’s architectural and multi-cultural heritage

With each restoration, WHALE is contributing to a new history for New Bedford and new narrative for the city. Restoring historic buildings and landmarks is an investment in a stronger community that can take pride in its heritage and have hope for its future.


(Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE)

A tale of ordinary people
who do extraordinary things.