WHALE Receives Grant from 1772 Foundation

February 25, 2019

WHALE has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the 1772 Foundation, to be used in the restoration of historic properties across New Bedford.

The 1772 Foundation, based in Providence, RI, plays a leading role in promoting historic properties redevelopment programs (HPRPs), also known as revolving funds, nationwide. At their quarterly meeting, its trustees awarded HPRP grants totaling $1,176,000.00. Individual grants ranged in amount from $5,000 to $182,000. WHALE received $100,000.

“Support for historic properties redevelopment programs continues to be a key granting priority of The 1772 Foundation,” according to President B. Danforth Ely. “To stretch its resources as far as possible, the foundation favors collaboration with local partners to leverage funds and achieve the greatest possible neighborhood impact.”

Executive Director Mary Anthony stated, “Active real estate intervention of the kind practiced by historic properties redevelopment funds is critically important to historic preservation and, by extension, economic revitalization, neighborhood development, equitable housing, and Smart Growth. The entrepreneurial approach greatly increases the number of historic buildings saved, often as adaptive reuse projects.”

The 1772 Foundation works to ensure the safe passage of our historic buildings and farmland to future generations. More information about The 1772 Foundation may be found at www.1772foundation.org.