WHALE Receives Grant for Community Fellow  from 1772 Foundation

January 30, 2015

WHALE received a grant award of $10,000 from the 1772 Foundation for a Fellow position to assist with work under our Revolving Fund/Historic Properties Revelopment Program.  Sherry McTigue (pictured right) has been hired as a WHALE Fellow for 2015.  Sherry is a New Bedford resident with an architectural degree who enjoys seeing the impact of historic preservation projects on her city.  Sherry was the volunteer coordinator for the Community Preservation Act Campaign last year.

Many thanks to the 1772 Foundation for their support of our Revolving Fund. WHALE is excited to have Sherry on board to expand our projects in this program.
To learn more about Revolving Funds around the country, click on the video below:
The Revolving Fund
The Revolving Fund