Summer Solstice Soiree a Night to Be Remembered!

July 9, 2014

artisan soiree photoThe weather was perfect and the setting at the Historic Stone House at the Head of Westport could not have been more beautiful.   Over 230 guests enjoyed a wonderful feast prepared by Smoke & Pickles, danced to the sound of the McCarthy Richards Band, were entertained by a Live Auction led by Stephen Fletcher of Skinner Auctions, and enjoyed a tour of the newly renovated Stone House.  A special treat was a toast and tribute to downtown New Bedford pioneer’s Arthur and Jean Bennett on their 65th Wedding Anniversary eloquently delivered by John Bullard.  Special thanks to Stone House owners Stephen Fletcher and Michael Walden, the many Soiree hosts, Fathoms, Ocean Fleet Fisheries, and Artisan Bake Shops for their generosity to make this event a success.

artisan soiree photo