One Washington Square Reconstruction Begins

March 14, 2012

Phase One of the reconstruction of One Washington Square has begun. This phase, which is overseen by general contractor Wayne Construction, involves excavating the site, pourng the foundation, and building the first floor kneewall then capping it. Wayne Construction also built the new roof on the Howland House and is an experienced preservation contractor.

Yesterday, at the One Washington Square site, local contractor and sub, Pontes Excavating, excavated the site where the grand Queen Anne home will once again sit. Today, workers from New Bedford’s own Simmons Concrete were on hand to stake out the foundation. The entire scope of this phase is expected to take 3-4 weeks.

Phase Two – constructing the building’s frame – is scheduled to take place in late summer, early fall of 2012. Check back on WHALE’s website for the latest photos of the project.