Leasing Opportunity! Spaces Available at Co-Creative Center

July 13, 2017

The Co-Creative Center will be a 10,000 square-foot development that will foster New Bedford’s creative economy. Located on 139/141 Union St, this abandoned block will be transformed into a collaborative retail, living and arts space that includes a community gallery, education center and maker space in the heart of downtown’s historic district. The grand opening is set for this October 2017.
WHALE, as owner and developer, is looking for individuals or businesses that align in some way with CO+, meaning:
• a creative or community-based initiative such as a non-profit/individual/collective group
• a business that will stimulate the economy of that block, such as a start-up or emerging shop or company

Rentals currently available:

At 139 Union St.: two affordable, long-term offices (81sf and 101sf) on the second floor with a conference space and copier to be shared with other non-profits. The CO+ hopes to attract another non-profit or community-driven initiative that compliments signed tenants.

At 141 Union St.: one studio/office space (149sf) on the second floor, perfect for a small business or working artist. Neighbors would include visual artists selling their work.

Rentals are affordable and vary! For more information, call Executive Director Teri Bernert at (508) 997-1776. Eligible candidates will be invited to a site visit

About Location:

The CO+ is right beside Downtown New Bedford’s Custom Square Park. It is the only block that sits on overlapping designations within all three downtown districts: Seaport Cultural District, Whaling National Historical Park and the Transformative Development Initiative. It has become the city’s vibrant, cultural hub right by the working waterfront.