November 19, 2013

WHALE_strategicPlan[rackcard]Through an intensive Strategic Planning process, WHALE is closing out 2013 with a firm knowledge of how our organization will step up its activity to increase the pace of preservation in New Bedford for the next 50 years.  Undergoing a thorough community outreach effort with community and preservation stakeholders, the message is clear that we must expand our approach, grow our capital resources, and use all available tools to get much more preservation work done, much more quickly.  Your support has never been more important, as we engage many more people in the work of historic preservation and the work of WHALE.

The economic development and community revitalization impact of WHALE-preserved properties has never been more evident.  WHALE’s 50+ projects, including 20 buildings in the National Park area alone, have contributed millions in tax revenue to the City of New Bedford.  WHALE’s work in saving the waterfront historic area, dating back to the 1960s, led to the establishment of the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, now attracting thousands of new visitors to our city each year.  And, leveraged investment in New Bedford’s historic properties has totaled more than $136 million, bringing over 500 construction jobs and 640 permanent jobs to the city.  WHALE projects have brought new stories and cultural life to our community’s historic treasures, the Zeiterion, the Rotch-Jones-Duff House, and the National Park among them.

Please visit to read our new strategic plan and you will understand that we need your continued commitment to undertake WHALE’s priorities for 2014 and beyond.  There is still a tremendous amount of preservation work that needs to take place to ensure the historic fabric of our downtown and neighborhoods is not lost.  We are poised to continue on our mission of dedicated preservation work; so please grab an oar, jump aboard, and join us in making a special contribution to launch WHALE’s next half-century.

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