City Council Honors WHALE at 50

November 30, 2012
City Councilwoman Jane Gonsalves read the Council Citation honoring WHALE, as WHALE leaders (from left)  Treasurer Danielle Poyant and President Mike Murray looked on.

New Bedford City Council gave special recognition to WHALE for its 50th Anniversary. Councilor Jane Gonsalves presented a citation, signed by all members of the Council. The award praised WHALE for having “saved much of New Bedford’s architectural past” and noted that “their achievements in the field of historic preservation will be recognized by generations to come.”

The Council citation commends “all members past and present for a half century of commitment and dedication in saving and preserving this City’s historical legacy, commends them for their vision and love of New Bedford’s architectural heritage, thanks them for their hard work and wishes them continued future success in safeguarding our City’s past.”  To see entire citation click here.

In accepting the honor on behalf of WHALE, President Mike Murray remarked that WHALE’s work over a half-century has also had a great economic impact on New Bedford. “Preserving our past is creating a strong future for New Bedford and the region it serves,” Murray noted. “Preservation is building the economy, creating good jobs, and expanding our tax base.”