Annual Appeal 2023 – New Life & New Stories for New Bedford’s Historic Places

December 4, 2023




2023 Annual Appeal – WHALE

If there is one thing that WHALE has done consistently since 1962, it has been giving life to historic places in the city of New Bedford. And while “new” and “historic may appear to be opposites, they both are at the core of our mission to foster historic preservation and continued use of the city’s architectural heritage to enhance community and economic vitality in New Bedford.  There are so many stories encapsulated within the work and projects of WHALE (72 in just over sixty years). It is hard to imagine wheat the city would like look if places like the Robeson House, the Co+Creative Center or the new Steeple Playhouse were not here, contributing to the vitality and life of New Bedford. What stories would not have been preserved and new stories told in these places?

Luckily, that is a story we don’t have to tell, not without your support. Your contribution to our Annual Appeal goes a long way to ensuring that WHALE remains a leader, partner, resource and ally for historic preservation in New Bedford. Your donation is an investment in a stronger, more prosperous city that takes pride in its heritage and has hope for the future.

Learn more about our plans for 2024 and join us in giving new life and new stories to more historic places across the city! Thank you for donating to our 2023 Annual Appeal  today!