Fee for Services

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax_image=”” visibility=”” css_animation=”” center_row=”” typography_style=”” column_spacing=”” tablet_fullwidth_cols=”” bg_style=”” parallax=”” parallax_mobile=”” parallax_style=”” parallax_direction=”” video_bg=”” video_bg_overlay=”” border_style=””][vc_column width=”1/1″ style=”” visibility=”” css_animation=”” typo_style=”” drop_shadow=”” bg_style=”” border_style=””][vc_column_text]WHALE offers a wide variety of Fee for Services to our members and the citizenry of New Bedford, MA.

WHALE is a 57 year old Community Development Corporation that specializes in historic restoration projects in affordable, workforce and market rate housing, mixed use, and creative economy development.  Over the non-profits history we have completed over 55 projects in the city of New Bedford.  WHALE not only completes projects as an owner/developer, but also works with developer or  non-profits and serves as consultants/partners on the following real estate services:

  • Plans and Specification development: WHALE can assist with the Project Architect, to develop plans and specifications in full compliance with codes, ADA, and historic requirements.
  • Grant and Tax Credit Administration and Management:  WHALE can assist in the administration of grants and tax credit sources of funds through construction.
  • Financial and Construction Management: WHALE can maintain a financial pro forma of sources and uses throughout the construction process.
  • Design and Use Concept Development: WHALE can work with the owner, developer, and design team on design that meets program/grant/historic tax credit requirements and fits the project budget.
  • Proforma/Financial feasibility analysis:  WHALE can work with the developer on financial pro formas, including source and use spreadsheets and operating budgets.  These pro formas are requirements of historic tax credit applications and are needed for other financing applications.
  • Historic Tax Credit Application Development:  WHALE, working with the project architect, can prepare full state and federal historic tax applications to Mass Historical Commission and the National Park Service. Read how they work here.
  • Housing Financing Application Development:  WHALE can prepare applications related to affordable and/or workforce housing to the City of New Bedford or the state, or other lending/finance agencies.

WHALE charges a below-market rate, sliding scale fee to cover overhead staff expenses for its services, working within the individual project budget. For more information, contact Teri Bernert, Executive Director of WHALE via tbernert@waterfrontleague.org or (508) 997-1776. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]